Soil Nails

RIX specialises in stabilising weak soil layers on freshly cut or pre-existing excavation by installing soil nails. Soil nails are typically rigid steel or fiberglass bars that can be encased in HDPE plastic sheathing, which offers an increased design life.

Soil nails are installed into a pre-drilled hole that penetrates through the initial loose soil layers into stable ground beneath and cement grouted into place. The quality of all aspects of soil nail materials, installation and grouting is paramount to the project’s success.

RIX’s in-house management teams offer advice on design, planning and project execution, offering fully certified QA systems to ISO9001.


The RIX Group demonstrated expertise and capability on the K2RQ Rail Duplication project, working within the rail corridor and delivering an extremely challenging soil nail installation to RMS Quality Assurance Specifications R64 – Shotcrete and R68 – soil nailing with limited access and at heights of up to 12m.

By utilising our highly trained, professional in-house site teams and purpose designed drills rigs, grout stations and shotcrete rigs, The RIX Group delivered 11,000m2 of shotcrete walls, including 7,500m of permanent soil nails for LEIGHTON on the K2RQ Alliance project.

Soil nailing is commonly used in road corridors and in-rail cuttings ensure the long-term integrity of the slope.

Centre: Soil nailing an embankment in a live rail corridor

Left: RIX teams operating our specialised drilling equipment to stabilise a failed road embankment next to live traffic. This NSW Central Coast project offered a limited period to shut down a busy road and complete the slope stabilisation. Drilling, meshing drainage, installation and testing of soil nails and finally shotcreting at height with limited access were completed within the project program, safely, with quality and to our client’s satisfaction.

Right: RIX teams installing soil nails in top-down construction at Copeton Dam as part of our slope stabilisation/ grout curtain project.