Scaling/Rock Removal

RIX offers Rock Scaling as an economical and immediate option for the removal or reduction of potential falling hazards.

Rock Scaling, or slope grooming, can be a stand-alone treatment but often is one of multiple treatments that make up a hazard minimising solution recommended by a Geotechnical Engineer. The hazard, target and end site use will determine whether scaling is an appropriate final treatment.


Centre: Rope access was critical in the removal of this large rock in Western Australia. Rope access can be very effective in rock scaling, as it is highly mobile and independent of the ground below the hazard.

Left: Rope access or EWP teams lightly scale to clear any remaining loose soil and rock once excavation is complete. When access and budget are available, it is preferable to let our plant do the heavy work for you.

Right: Rope access scaling should be methodical to ensure the entire face is inspected and treated