Rope Access for High & Limited Access Area

RIX rope access shines when work needs to be done in areas that simply cannot be accessed with traditional methods. RIX has Rope Access Technicians trained to Australian Standards, with many years experience on extremely limited access and highly challenging mine, rail, road and development projects.

Above: Shotcrete stabilisation repair works were required high above an existing Dam spillway in country New South Wales, Australia. Traditional access methods were out of the question and the gravel access track above was too steep for large vehicles. RIX Rope Access Technicians were able to carry out the shotcrete repairs required safely and within the client’s budget and program.

Left: By using our Rope Access Technicians, our rope access method negated the need and cost for a large crane (above the rail tunnel) and traffic control required to shut roads, reducing the impact on the local community

Right: 100m above ground level, a 120m crane assisted our rope access personnel install rock fall protection/netting to a large embankment.  Rope access brought this project together safely, quickly and economically.