Rockfall Mesh

Rockfall Mesh is also known as Rock Fall Protection, Rockfall Netting or sometimes Rockmesh. Rockfall Mesh is often a steel woven double twist wire mesh used to prevent rocks from falling and to protect people, roadways, railways, buildings and other structures.

RIX has recently completed several large-scale rock fall mesh installations, including one of the largest installations of rock mesh or rockfall netting in Australian Civil Construction history.

Centre: Rockfall Netting Installation works were completed between trains on a main rail line in central Australia. Rope access and EWPs avoided disturbance to the rail network.

Left: Rockfall netting installation on the F6 freeway, one hour south of Sydney. As one of Australia’s leading installers of rockfall netting, RIX was chosen by the RTA for this world first. RIX brought together a team of structural and geotechnical engineers who worked closely with the RTA to develop an anchor design that best suited the budget, program and site geology of the project.

Right: The new desalination project in Perth saw the construction of numerous storage tanks. Defective geology was properly dealt with during the construction phase, rather than waiting for deterioration to reach a level that would make it exceedingly more difficult and expensive to treat.