Erosion Control

Erosion control can range from installing an engineered type of Erosion Matting to the spraying of Shotcrete or Dryspray (Gunite).

RIX are experienced installers of all forms of erosion control. Every project is different RIX are able to work with our Client to tailor a solution that is the best fit for their budget and program.


Erosion control Matting is a three-dimensional geomat that can be applied as an erosion control mat for sloped embankments, channel linings and soil-veneer applications. It was developed to meet the need for an erosion control material which was both strong and environmentally acceptable. Erosion control Matting is manufactured with a double twist steel wire mesh reinforcement inside the geomat, to provide tensile strength and a stronger form of erosion protection to better ensure the stability of the topsoil on roadway embankments, channels linings and other areas susceptible to erosion damages.


Centre Photo: Erosion control matting has been installed with Rope access personal

Left Photo: Erosion Control matting

Right Photo: Placing Erosion control Matting at Toowoomba Range Upgrade in Queensland