Slope Stabilisation

RIX has delivered some of the most challenging Road Corridor and Rail Cutting Stabilisation projects, meeting client quality and program requirements.

With years of experience in all forms of slope stabilisation techniques, RIX can work in remote and inaccessible terrain. We deliver safe and efficient slope stabilisation solutions for all types of construction projects.


Centre: Shotcrete is the perfect material for treating unstable slopes due to:

  • Rapid application
  • Remote placement
  • High strength
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent bond
  • High durability

Left: A recently completed shotcrete cutting within a rail corridor. Shotcrete is ideal for railway cutting maintenance. As shutting down the rail network causes major disruptions, the use of shotcrete can minimise disruption due to its rapid construction.

Right: A dish drain being shotcreted adjoining a reinforced soil nail and shotcrete wall. RIX contoured the shotcrete to the existing excavation, forming a smooth surface to facilitate water flow.