Sea Walls

RIX has the management systems and expertise to install a sea wall that not only enhances the view of the natural landscape but also protects the built environment from water damage.

Above: Reinforced shotcrete wall crafted to resemble a sandstone block wall, with no noticeable shotcrete

Left: Shotcrete repair to a damaged, century-old sandstone sea wall close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The shotcrete has been sculpted and coloured to make it invisible amongst the surrounding sandstone blocks.

Right: A complete renovation to a heritage apartment block at Sydney’s Point Piper foreshore. Working with builder PIMAS GALE and the project architect, RIX designed a simulated rock solution. RIX’s highly experienced crew and renowned artisans applied a covering layer of dry spray shotcrete over structural wet mix shotcrete, sculpted and coloured to offer an outstanding simulated rock shelf. This rock shelf protects the inner harbour residences from the aggressive tidal environment without detracting from the pool and landscape design.