Rail Cuttings

RIX understands the constraints of with working within live rail corridors. Our rail clients require safe, swift and high quality stabilisation solutions.

RIX’s key personnel have decades of experience working on the most challenging rail stabilisation projects throughout Australia. With over 100 experienced staff, 10 shotcrete pumps and a multitude of drilling plants, RIX can work around the clock to complete your project during programmed maintenance shut downs.


Above: RIX personnel applying shotcrete in a rail cutting. Due to shotcrete’s fast construction, this work was completed between trains, resulting in no disruption to the rail network.


Left: Typical shotcrete construction, drainage against the excavation, reinforcing galvanised steel mesh and soil nails drilled and grouted into the trimmed rail cutting.

Right: Shotcrete is the final activity in this project. The shotcrete process is fast, with the area visible in this sequence of photos (approx. 1500m²) completed in less than two days.