Basement Walls

RIX Specialist Contracting is the market leader in all aspects of civil shotcrete construction.

RIX in-house steel fixing and shotcrete teams complete in excess of 150,000/m² of shotcrete walls nationwide per year.

Above: Top down shotcrete construction in conjunction with bored piles and anchors allow maximum site excavation and maximum site utilisation.

Left: RIX offers various finishes within the most challenging basement situations. The shotcrete basement wall shows a steel soldier pile and anchors with finished shotcrete across the face of piles. The shotcrete surface has been skilfully crafted by our team to resemble a rendered finish.

Right: A more economical shoring design of gun-finish shotcrete panels between temporary anchored bored piles. This design option offers increased floor area for basement car parks and budget. Aesthetics are compromised but can be improved by applying the gun-finish shotcrete to the piles or a float finish to the shotcrete panels at only a marginal effect to budget.