Kingsgrove to Revesby Rail Quadruplication

Client: K2RQ Alliance
Design: Soil Nail & Shotcrete Wall
Area: 10,000m²
Completion: 2010

K2RQ Alliance awarded the shotcrete & permanent soil nail wall construction contract to RIX in Nov 09. From this point, our highly experienced Managers worked closely with the K2RQ team on design & finish options before works commenced.

Our scope involves 10,000m2 of shotcrete walls including 7500m of permanent soil nails all delivered to the Specification RTA R64 & B82 respectively. Our contract includes full Quality Assurance & soil nail testing which, along with meshing, drainage, shotcreting & finishing, fabrication of permanent nails, drilling, installation & grouting, are all undertaken by our highly trained & professional in house sites teams with our specially designed drills rigs, grout stations & shotcrete rigs.

Whilst RIX have been & remain a highly experienced contractor on rail sites both direct for Railcorp & other major contractors, the K2RQ site is a challenging project as all works are being undertaken along side live rail lines generally in extremely limited working areas & areas at height. Our specialised limited access drill rigs have made this work possible along with the highest safety planning & supervision.