Stabilisation for Highwalls and Box Cuts

RIX has extensive experience completing projects in the mining environment. Our experienced teams are trained in a wide range of safe, cost-effective and time-saving methods of reinforcing high walls and exposed cut faces at mine portal entrances, including:

  • Roof support and lining
  • Rockbolt installation
  • Shotcreting
  • Synthetic fibre-reinforced shotcrete
  • Pressure grouting
  • Rockfall netting installation
  • Rock catch fencing
  • Rockfall barriers
  • Scaling, spliting and removal of hazardous geology
  • Soil nailing
  • Erosion control
  • Drilling
  • Latex membranes
  • Shotcrete lined drains

The box cut, shown above, was reinforced with rockbolts, steel mesh and shotcrete. Challenges for such projects include:

  • Above average summer heat
  • Narrow benches and height
  • Great distances from the closest concrete plant
  • Simultaneous construction of the transport, conveyer and ventilation drifts

Accustomed to working in a mine environment, our team was able to plan and manage our operations to not impact other contractors’ activities and achieve program.

Centre: A rockbolted and shotcreted box cut project in Eastern Australia.

Left: RIX rope access personnel stabilising a long wall with rockfall netting. Good access allowed for the assistance of a crane with the required reach.

Right: RIX personnel shotcreting a seam from a crane basket to prevent further weathering.