Scaling/ Rock Removal

RIX provides rock slope scaling services to help treat unstable mine high walls or tunnel portals. Whether the final stabilisation design is shotcrete or rockfall netting, rock slope scaling can increase the lifespan and efficiency of either treatment. If the geology and site use are appropriate, periodic monitoring and scaling may be the only treatment required.

Depending on access and location, scaling tools can range from hand tools, air bags, jacks, rock splitters to jack hammers, excavators, expanding grouts and explosives. RIX Geotechnical Teams are trained and able to provide all of these methods.

Centre: Our Rope Access Teams removing a 40t overhanging rock hazard threatening the areas below. Leftover from previous blasting works, the rock was situated 60m above a quarry high wall, too high for conventional removal. When a change in the quarry’s use required the rock’s removal, areas were scaled and rockfall mesh with rock bolts was installed in various slope areas. RIX’s Rope Access Technicians removed the boulder prior to construction, ensuring safety to the construction crews and equipment and long-term safety for the building.

Left: RIX’s specialist Rope Access Crews safely and systematically scale rocks from a large embankment above a rail loop in Northern NSW.

Right: A 20t slab of rock is removed by our team. Rope access personnel were the key to this rock removal, making the area below the slope safe for new access roads.