Rockfall Mesh/Rock Fall Netting

RIX offers rockfall mesh solutions for rock fall protection. Often called rockfall netting or rockmesh, rockfall mesh is steel-woven, double-twist wire mesh used to prevent rocks from falling and to protect people, roadways, railways, buildings and other structures.

If the mine geology is suitable, our Mine Managers generally prefer rockfall mesh over shotcrete on high walls and portal entries due to:

  • Suitable site geology characteristics
  • Fast installation for rockfall mesh
  • Economics
  • Mine life expectancy
  • Ability to be dismantled, reused and relocated
  • Relatively low environmental impact
  • Minor slope preparation requirements
  • Installation methodology

Centre: Dislodged and fallen rocks on a recent RIX project. Rockfall mesh was installed to mitigate the safety risk to the blast crew and mining operations below.

Left: Rockfall mesh protecting a rail loop from a rockfall incident. The rockfall mesh can be easily lifted, with the rock removed and quickly laid back, thus allowing simple and low cost maintenance.

Right: Extreme heights and limited access meant shotcrete wasn’t an option for this this project. With a 320m high wall without benches requiring treatment, the gradient of the slope ruled out a crane basket from the top, as the access track limited the crane size and horizontal reach – rope access was the only possible method. RIX’s specialised Rope Access Installation Crews safely installed the rockfall mesh at extreme heights.