RIX Shaft Lining

Shotcrete shaft lining can be a dangerous process. RIX’s remote-controlled shotcreting is preferred as a safe, effective, economic and fast option, and with the introduction of our state-of-the-art rig, safety is assured.

RIX shaft lining was launched in 2006 after two years of in-house design and then contraction of a purpose-built remote-controlled shotcrete shaft liner. Safety was paramount in our design process and previous practices of manual handling and placing workers over shafts have been eliminated when operating our market-leading rig.

Full video imaging is available before, during and after our lining works are completed. The rig and video can also be used for shaft site inspections.

Centre: RIX’s shaft liner successfully completing another lining project.

Left: Safety and quality pre-start operations being performed on-site.

Right: A completed shaft, lined to the client’s specifications.