Limited & Difficult Access Drilling/ Stabilisation

RIX is often required to provide ground engineering services in locations where traditional access methods are not suitable. Our wide range of limited access plant and equipment offers solutions in challenging access situations, such as:

  • Self-propelled mini drills – small enough to drive through a front door but still able to drill 150mm holes with ease
  • Various custom-built excavator drills masts reaching up to 10m high
  • Sled mounted drills suitable for use by rope access personal at extreme height
  • Lightweight masts suitable to be mounted on scaffolding and EWPs
  • Rock Drills for smaller diameter holes which can be mounted on excavators or drilled by hand
  • Specially designed and certified crane drilling baskets that can mount various masts capable of drilling large or small holes in soils to hard rock

Rope access is usually the only way to gain access and install the rock mesh onto slope faces due to extreme heights, angles and a site’s limited access. Only small cranes were able to access the work area shown above, which had just enough working radius to help with the positioning of rock mesh rolls, but were limited and unable to reach the extent of the full work zone.

Centre: RIX’s multi-skilled specialist Rope Access Teams stabilised this rock face in an open cut mine, urgently installing rock fall protection in the form of rock fall mesh and rock bolts.

Left: RIX’s highly trained rope access technicians were able to complete these urgently needed shotcrete works over a live freight line. Our method left the freight trains carrying large amounts of coal from mines to ships unaffected during these works, avoiding the need to temporarily close rail lines with massive logistical and cost savings for our client.

Right: RIX understands our clients’ projects have strict and well-planned construction programs. When a new mine is constructed, the timing to get to and extract the ore body is paramount. The new mine under construction in the photo offered suitable geology to temporarily excavate the full box cut with final stabilisation works following swiftly afterwards. Our specialist equipment enabled the stabilisation phase to take place from the high narrow benches, after the excavation phase. Without these specialist drill rigs and shotcrete equipment, excavation would need to halt to allow traditional top down stabilisation works.