RIX’s combination of in-house Capping Beam, Ground Anchoring and Shotcreting Teams offer the advantage of a single specialist company contracting and delivering our clients’ final shoring solutions, without the need for multiple contractors bustling for access in often limited areas.

Our Shotcrete management and site teams are reliable, willing, safety-conscious and committed to quality, continually demonstrating their skills to ensure RIX remains market leader in the Civil Shotcrete industry.

RIX offers all aspects of architectural finished shotcrete:

  • Our wood float and sponge walls offer a render-like finish screeded to given lines vertically and horizontally.
  • Our nozzlemen are trained in-house and offer the highest quality gun or off-the-nozzle finishes.
  • Through the 2012 acquisition of specialist subcontractor ‘Environmental Images,’ our Dry Spray and Architectural Finishes Division offers design, advice and delivery of the finest examples of simulated rock and block work (mock rock).
  • RIX offers full shotcrete project advice on project set up, delivery, mix design and aesthetics.

Shotcrete is perfectly suited to vertical shoring requirements such as piled retaining walls. With the introduction of rows of ground anchors holding back each excavated level, shotcrete offers the final structural element of retention and also the final finished basement walls for safe, rapid construction.

Shotcrete offers

  • Rapid application
  • Remote placement
  • High strength
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent bond
  • High durability

Left: Gun finish is demonstrated on the first stage of top-down construction on this shoring wall for the basement car park of a large apartment development in Brisbane.

Right: A RIX nozzleman sprays the first layer of shotcrete which will be screeded to a given line then re-sprayed to offer another example of the perfect gun-finished soil nail slope excavated to allow the addition of a second rail line in Sydney’s busy rail corridor.