Removable Anchor Systems

The REMO-anchor is a temporary removable pre-stressed strand anchor that can be removed out of the ground cleanly, quickly and simply once its use and application becomes redundant. The use of conventional temporary anchors can be an obstruction to adjacent future basement excavations and usually require third party approval, which may be difficult to obtain as they remain permanently in the ground.

The REMO-anchor offers a cost effective solution which is easy to install and remove. The removal process is usually carried out by hand with no requirement for large heavy plant or stressing jacks. The strands are rotated to
release the wedge in the anchorage body and the strands are withdrawn through a plastic (polyethylene) sheath.

The REMO-anchor is manufactured in a semi-automated standardised facility with state of the art equipment resulting in stringent quality control. Anchors are fully assembled and packaged in coils for transportation to job sites. The packaging is also ideal for long term storage of anchors.

The REMO-anchor is an internationally patented product with the design based on compression type, load distribution theory. These anchors fully comply with the testing requirements of all pre-stressed anchor  specifications including AS4678 and AS5100.

Please click on this link to see a recently completed project in Annerley Queensland