The RIX Group offer a comprehensive range of services within the piling sector, to include D&C, piling systems are aimed at supplying the most appropriate and cost effective type of pile for a particular site condition.

Piles can be installed with or without casing, using auger or rotary percussive methods:

  • Bored – piles from 400 to 1500mm diameter;
  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) – piles from 400 to 1500mm diameter;
  • Overburden Drilling Systems (ODS) – Rotary percussive permanently cased piles, 150 to 250mm diameter.

Case Studies:

Sorrell Street, Parramatta

 The RIX Group undertook the Design & Construction of 148 CFA piles. 600mm piles were installed at 650mm centres to provide the client with a contiguous piled wall offering the required ground retainment to enable the excavation of a four storey basement. Additional works undertaken by The RIX Group also included capping beam construction, temporary anchors and waler installation.

Our many years of experience in ground stabilisation and retainment methods coupled with a diverse range of piling systems allows The RIX Group to offer Clients a one stop shop for shoring wall packages, to include, piling, capping beam, anchoring and shotcrete, providing one point of contact to the Client for the design, management, supply and installation of this major component of the sub-structure works.