Micro/Mini Piles

RIX micro and mini piling rigs are the perfect solution for limited access situations. These are ideal for a wide range of projects including house extensions, small sites and areas where environmental concerns are a priority.

Micro and mini piles are specialised types of piling and include various forms of bored, screw and tensioned piles. Reinforcing cages or high tensile bars can be installed into pre-drilled holes with our varying specialised drill rigs or pre-fabricated steel screw piles, and can be hydraulically screw-driven, creating friction to the ground and the foundation created.

RIX offers advice on pile design, project accessibility, programming and delivery.

RIX Soilmec SM14 offers the installation of micro piles and 150mm diameter holes, 7m deep with high tensile 32mm stress bars in Western Australia.

Mini piles are a perfect solution in the following foundation situations:

  • Unsuitable ground conditions for standard foundations
  • Where risks of undermining or damaging existing services and/or foundations exist
  • Restricted access or low head room areas where standard piling equipment cannot fit
  • Where a low vibration solution or reduced noise levels are required
  • When minimal disruption to the site or building is specified
  • Small to medium sized projects
  • Upgrading foundations/floors for increased loadings
  • Reduced spoil removal is required

Above: RIX SM14 anchoring rig and 13t Excavator drilling Micro piles.