Limited & Difficult Access Drilling

RIX is often required to provide ground engineering services in locations where traditional access methods are not suitable. Our wide range of limited access plant and equipment offers solutions in challenging access situations, such as:

Self-propelled mini drills: Small enough to drive through a front door but still able to drill 150mm holes with ease.

  • Various custom-built excavator drill masts reaching up to 10m high
  • Sled-mounted drills suitable for use by rope access personal at extreme heights
  • Lightweight masts suitable for mounting on scaffolding and EWPs
  • Rock drills for smaller diameter holes that can be mounted on excavators or drilled by hand
  • Specially designed and certified crane drilling baskets that can mount various masts, capable of drilling large or small holes in soils and hard rock

Mini piling rigs for limited headroom areas, inside buildings or confined spaces: These rigs offer installation of piles up to 600mm in diameter to maximum depths with minimum disturbance to surroundings areas.

Despite the size, our specialised equipment and operators can also offer:

  • Coring
  • Auguring
  • Casing
  • Blade and PCD bit drilling
  • Top head procession
  • Rotary drilling
  • DTH drilling

Left: A situation where our client’s traditional rigs that could reach the height and angle required to drill through this retaining wall would not fit. RIX’s specialist Drilling and Ground Anchoring Manager designed both the permanent ground anchors and the Limited Access Drilling System, allowing the final installation and the perfect solution in this challenging situation.

Right: RIX’s custom built mini mast, allowing simple drilling of drain holes on Gladstone’s QLCLNG project in Queensland.