Grout Curtain

RIX’s specialist Drilling and Grouting Team has extensive experience in the installation of grout curtains both in Australia and internationally.

Grout curtains are used in and around underground hydraulic structures that store and transport water, in underground reservoir structures that store natural gas and petroleum products, in tunnels, shafts, underground pump houses, sewage plants and power houses. Grout curtains improve the ground conditions surrounding these structures to prevent the ingression of ground water or loss of the substance being stored or transported.

Curtain grouting is the pressure filling of fractures and discontinuities in rock to produce water tightness and strengthen the rock. The grout curtain is mainly installed under the dam foundations, in dam abutments and around the tunnels, shafts and other structures, constructed by drilling and grouting closely-spaced drill holes oriented to optimize the intersection of rock joints. Although curtain grouting will not fully stop water leakage under the dam foundation or at the abutments, it may substantially reduce the rock mass permeability.

Our team has successfully completed challenging grouting jobs including dam sites and culverts. One of our most recently completed grouting projects is the installation of a grout curtain under Copeton Dam spillway in mid-2012. We have received very positive feedback from our clients.