Ground Anchors

RIX Ground Engineering Division was expanded in 2012 by the acquisition of GEOBASE Specialised Drilling & Ground Anchoring Pty Ltd.

RIX’s years of experience in soil nailing, rock bolting, chemical anchoring, grouting, limited access drilling and shotcreting was complimented by GEOBASE who brought highly regarded, professional around anchoring design and installation teams into our Ground Engineering Division who, with our fleet of specialised drilling rigs and grouting equipment, can offer our clients with:

  • Design and installation of temporary and permanent ground anchors
  • Sand anchors
  • Removable anchors
  • Hollow bar self-drilling anchors or strand ground anchors
  • Soil nails
  • Rock bolts, chemical anchors/bolts, mechanical anchors
  • Mini piles
  • Casing in poor ground conditions
  • Stressing and testing to full in-house ISO9001 quality systems
  • Specialised grouting including mix design
  • Limited access drilling and installation
  • Drilling and installation at extreme height

A ground anchor is a device that is designed to support structures, excavations, slopes, embankments and is used in geotechnical and construction applications.

Earth anchors can be used in either temporary or permanent applications. Typical uses for ground anchors include supporting retaining walls, retaining and shoring systems, structures, slopes, embankments and to offer lateral support for vertical structures.

Specialised drilling equipment, highly experienced design, installation and load testing/stressing teams are paramount to ensure the success of any ground anchor design.

Multi-story buildings generally require underground parking facilities. Where land is limited and existing adjacent buildings or roads surround a new development, extreme shoring methods are required to allow construction, protect the neighboring structures and ensure safety throughout the development.

Left: A recently completed shoring wall for a deep excavation of 12m. The use of RIX designed temporary ground anchors, solider piles and shotcrete show how effective this method of support is for a vertical excavation.

Right: Our highly trained stressing teams load up our ground anchors, recording the loads of each strand for testing, ultimate design load lock-off, quality assurance and final design certification. Once the excavation is complete and the car park slabs are cast against the shoring walls, our De-stressing Teams return to site within the new car park structure and carefully de-stress each temporary ground anchor, cut back the strands, remove anchors blocks and patch.