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RIX Managing Director Matthew Hicks has been in the Ground Engineering and Shotcrete industry for 20 years. He sits on the committee for the Australian Shotcrete Society (AUSS). He is a co author of the Guide to Shotcreting in Australia produced by AUSS and published by the Concrete Institute of Australia. As a major sponsor and as part of RIX Contribution to the International Shotcrete Conference in Queenstwon, New Zealand in 2010 Matthew presented his paper ‘Shotcrete as a good looking final finish – it is possible”  which was also published in the subsequent book “Shotcrete: Elements of a System” please click on the link below to download

Matthew Hicks – Shotcrete as a good looking final finish—it is possible!


Since publishing the paper Matthew’s presenation has been retitled “Shotcrete – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” and has been presented Via the CIA in Sydney, Bribane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra and privately to RMS and thier Major NSW road builders.


A disused quarry in Perth was proposed to be developed. The Rix Group provided a “turnkey‟ solution by providing a complete design and construction solution. The design included Top anchors comprised of 1m long, 20mm Ø galvanised deformed bars with eye nuts. The bottom and side anchors were 0.5m long. The anchor spacing at the top and bottom was 2m and the diameter of all drilled holes was 52mm. The top horizontal cable was 20mm Ø and the bottom and side cable was 14mm Ø. 4400m2 of Steelgrid MO. Please click on the link below to see the full case study.

Rock Fall Protection- Perth Quarry

RIX Business Development Manager, Tony Kinsella has 15 years experience int he Groudn Engineering and shotcrete industry. Tony has worked in all operations of RIX divsions since inception in 2000. Tony presented “Shotcrete – AN Overview” for the CIA’s Brisbane audience and QLD Roadbuilders in 2012 – see link below



Tony Cooper is National Business Manager of Elasto Plastic Concrete and has 30 years experience in the Concrete industry. Please click on the link below to view his presentation ” A Brief overview on the current technology, materials and practices that prevail in the Australian Shotcrete Industry”

Tony Cooper – Shotcrete Overview – CIA Vic Branch Feb 19th 2013