Profile & History

The RIX Group

Australia’s Largest Civil Shotcrete Applicator

Established in 2000 specialising in shotcreting, ground engineering and civil contracting

As our business and capabilities expand so does our service and quality. With a high level of in house expertise, willing clients, suppliers and a passionate embrace of new challenges, we have successfully created new divisions to better serve our clients needs.

Our following divisions work closely together to provide our clients with complete nationwide specialist ground engineering and slope stabilisation solutions.


  • Retaining/shoring Walls
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Road and Rail Embankments
  • Mine box cuts, portals, high walls
  • Mine & Tunnel underground roof support
  • Dam spillways
  • Detention tanks
  • Sea walls
  • In Ground Drain Channels and Culverts
  • Wet and Dry Shotcrete hand sprayed
  • Wet and Dry shotcrete robotically sprayed
  • Tele Remote Shaft Lining
  • Swimming Pools
  • Ponds and Water Features
  • Simulated rock and block finishes/Mock Rock


  • Shotcrete/Shotcreting
  • Lined Drains
  • Gunite (Dry Spray Shotcrete)
  • Soil Nails including GRP Nails
  • Rock Bolts
  • Ground Anchors, Mechanical Anchors, Chemical Anchors
  • Rockfall Mesh/Rock Catch Fences
  • Erosion Control Matting
  • Latex Membranes
  • Grouting
  • Rope Access
  • Rock Scaling/Rock Removal


  • Temporary Ground Anchors
  • Permanent Ground Anchors
  • Piling
  • Sand Anchors
  • Soil Nails and Rock Bolts
  • Inclined Drains
  • Shotcrete/Shotcreting
  • Capping Beams
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Core Drilling for exploration purpose
  • Water Pressure Test (Lugeon Test)
  • Grout Mix Design
  • Various types of Pressure Grouting using mechanical and inflatable packers including
    • Grout Curtain
    • Blanket Grouting,
    • Chemical Grouting,
    • Seepage Control Grouting


  • Soil Nails and Rock Bolting
  • Arch Forms
  • Shotcrete application including overhead robotic spraying
  • High Wall and Box Cut Stabilisation
  • Shaft Lining
  • Portal Stabilisation
  • Difficult Access Drilling
  • Rock Fall Protection
  • Scaling and Rock Removal
  • Dry Spray (Gunite)
  • Cavern Excavation

RIX Group History Timeline


RIX acquires first Hutte 605 Anchor and Soil Nail Rig

RIX acquires GEOBASE Specialised drilling and Ground Anchoring contractors

RIX Partners are very pleased to announce that Scott Herman has joined RIX as our Manager – Drilling & Ground anchoring division. Scott along with his expert team will only enhance our drilling and soil nailing division with the introduction of specialised drilling, grouting and D&C of increased ground anchoring to our business.

RIX completes final basement shoring project  (first in 2003) Inc ground anchors on the last undeveloped site at RHODES Water side Development site

RIX Completes 30,000m2 of shotcrete lined drains for THIESS Curtis Island QLD

RIX completes work on the Airport Link project for TJH after 3 years of Soil nailing, Shotcreting, Rock bolting, Ground

Anchors and large pile demolition project in confined space.

RIX completes the construction of 3 Fish Lifts as part of the Murray River upgrade in Deniliquin and Booligal NSW

RIX Re designs NEW Web site

RIX Presents at CIA SHOTCRETE seminar Brisbane – Anthony Kinsella RIX BDM presents “SHOTCRETE An overview – History, types, Equipment, Versatility, Finishes”

RIX completes first grout curtain at Copeton Dam for Macmahon contractors.

RIX completes 3500 ground anchors in first 9 months of Geobase Acquisition

RIX secures third party accreditations for OH&S, QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL

RIX takes delivery of new Hutte 602 anchor rig to increase capabilities for larger and deeper ground anchors.


MD -Matthew Hicks updates presentation on shotcrete finishes and presents at a series of lectures ‘Shotcrete Essentials what you need to know” for CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia) in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne.

RIX completes shotcrete relining of 5 large rail culverts for Coal Connect in Bowen Basin QLD

RIX completes 12,000m2 of shotcrete shoring walls and 7000m of permanent soil nail walls for K2RQ project alongside a live rail line in Sydney’s south.

RIX completes stabilisation of Conjola Mountain Realignment for BMD and then stage 2 as main contactor to RTA. Traffic control, rock scaling and excavation – 10,000m of soil nails, 9,500m2 of shotcrete

RIX Completes 50,000m2 of Rock fall protection at Savage River mine Tasmania for Grange Recourses

RIX Completes slope stabilisation works on F6 freeway & Welby Cut Mittagong for RTA. Rock scaling, rope access, 6000m2 of shotcrete & 7000m of anchors and rock bolts

RIX Completes Cotter Dam Slope stabilisation works for Bulk Water Alliance ACT. Rock bolting, hand drilling, rock fall protection, shotcreting and rope access work over 18 months

RIX Completes Jindabyne Spillway for Macmahon contractors. Drilling and install of ground anchors up to 12m deep from crane man box, 3000m2 of shotcrete slope protection

RIX acquires Environmental Images Rock & Water features – After working with EI MD Robert Elliot for the past 15 years and a partner in RIX SHAFT LINING– RIX partners are very

Pleased to announce that Rob is joining the RIX team as Manager – Simulated rock and Dry spray division.


RIX Major sponsors and exhibitors at International Shotcrete Conference Queenstown NZ

Matthew Hicks MD delivers presentation of his published paper – Shotcrete as a good looking final finish “It is possible”

RIX Completes work on the CLEM 7 tunnel project after 3 years of Soil nailing, shotcreting, rock bolting, ground anchors, simulated rock work and architectural finishes.

RIX Purchases new 3 new Soilmec Drilling and anchoring rigs for new ground anchor project in WA

RIX Completes 5000m2 of Silmulated/Mock Rock soil nails walls for Fulton Hogan Geelong Ring road stage 4

RIX completes construction of North Head min hydro plant –

Excavation & ground support of an underground cavern including all pipe installation for SWOOSE for PARR ALLIANCE

RIX Develops land at Kurnell NSW and moves into new HQ with purpose built offices and maintenance yard.


First RIX shaft lining project completed in Endevour Mine Cobar dry spray with structural synthetic fibres to 180m depth

RIX Completes RTA – BERKELY CUT F6 NSW – 15,000m2 of rock fall protection up to 45m high above live freeway

RIX completes stabilization of 25,000m2 of new box cut & rail loop for Whitehaven Coal at Narrabri NSW


RIX partners invest in RIX Underground (re named to INCYCLE SHOTCRETE) robotic shotcreting for ground support in underground mines

RIX Shaft Lining Launched – RIX design and build Tele remote shotcrete shaft liner

Australian Shotcrete Guide first published

RIX very proud to be associated with and have provided much of the information and pictorial content for the Hand spraying, types and finish options of the guide.

RIX completes first TEKFLEX project over soil nails and shotcrete Kiama Bypass for Fulton Hogan

RIX completes alternative design SHOTCRETE spillway walls for Leighton at Shannon Creek Dam NSW. 3000m2 of finished spillway walls up to 1m thick and 12m high. 3000m DCP rock bolts and 7000m2 of slope stabilisation

RIX Completes shotcrete soil nail walls Adelaide Connect – The South Road Underpass


RIX long association with AUSS reignited as Matthew Hicks MD re joins The Australian Shotcrete Society; joining the steering committee and co author of the AUSTRALIAN SHOTCRETE GUIDE

RIX completes soil nail & shotcrete projects in QLD for SAFELINK ALLIANCE, TRACKSTAR & Ipswich Logan interchange


RIX Completed first rock fall netting project for slope stabilization project including rope access at Woolbrook for ARTC

RIX builds specialized hand drilling equipment and purpose built crane basket for drilling at extreme height

RIX completes 18 months of steel fixing and shotcreting 20,000m2 of soil nail walls for AbiGroup on Brunswick Heads Pacific Highway project

RIX Competed first limited access soil nail wall on Ipswich Road for LBBJV on Clem 7 tunnel project


RIX replaces all shotcrete pump fleet, purchases Excavator drill rigs for high & limited access Drilling

RIX Completes work on the Cross City Tunnel. after 2 years of Arch form, bridge slabs, rock bolting, robotic shotcreting, soil nail walls, stabilisation works

RIX Completes work on PRL Tunnel project Sydney – Overhead shotcreting for ground support underground


Greg Douglas becomes 3rd  equal partner in RIX after acquiring the assets of Jetcrete NSW Civil Shotcreting business and merge ring them into RIX.

Post merger RIX is now the largest civil shotcreting contractor in Australia specialising in, Large slope stabilization projects for rail, roads & mines – Including scaling, excavation, rock removal, drilling, rock bolting and soil nailing, Shotcreting of shoring walls for basement excavations, Dry spray for simulated rock & concrete repair, Underpinning, Swimming pool construction

RIX Completes first large slope stabilisation project for RailCorp at Bowral NSW– scale, bolt and shotcrete rail cutting up to 50m high


RIX commences work on the first shotcrete retaining wall for the rail line at the new RHODES WATERISDE development

RIX completes final basement shoring project Inc ground anchors on the last undeveloped site at RHODES Water side


March –  THE RIX GROUP formed

Specialising in Steel fixing for shotcrete shoring walls, underpinning, slope stabilisation then secures contract for the construction of mobile phone transmitter stations throughout NSW for Orange network